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My friends know me as L.D. I'm a poet, author, dance educator, improviser, musician, yogi, massage therapist, and antagonist to all ne'er-do-wellers.

I'm no stranger to the stage having performed extensively in both dance and musical theatre productions throughout the US.

I am honored to currently serve as a staff member at Nolte Academy, and as a Visiting Instructor of Hip-Hop & Tap at the University of Iowa in the Department of Dance.

When not teaching or choreographing, I work as a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga teacher at Hands in Harmony in Cedar Rapids, IA. I am the proud father of Myles & Kohen, and Kodi, our adorable Shiba Inu.


Writing & Choreography

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PAPER PLANES: A collection of poems not crumpled on the floor.

Paper Planes is a compilation of 20 years of life's struggles, loves lost & found, and my never-ending pursuit to be known.

Lovar Davis Kidd is an Iowa native. He began his journey as a poet in "1992" and has continued to write and perform his work throughout the United States as well as overseas.

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SHOW CHOIR: 23 years & counting!

I am excited to be in my 23 year of choreographing. I absolutely love the work I do. It used to be about the best choreography awards or grand champion trophies, but not anymore. My joy as a choreographer and director is found in the connections made and encouragement I get to provide to Middle and High School students throughout Iowa and the surrounding states.


Former head coach of the UCLA women's gymnastics team Miss Val said it best, "Winning doesn't always equal success. Real success is developing champions in life for our world, win or lose."

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